The Most Efficient Towing Trucks

With several versions available of new truck models – two and four-wheel drive, diesel and V8 engine choices, V6, crew cab to regular cab – towing capabilities differ extensively, too. Asking yourself some few common questions may help you narrow down your selections. How would you utilize your pick-up truck when you are not towing? And what do are you planning to tow? 

Towing Trucks

Before the new standards for towing abilities were actually introduced, comparing ratings among brands was hard. Today, automakers are utilizing uniform procedures for rating and testing pickup trucks. Some standards for towing capacities are already used by most of the leading manufacturers. 

You will absolutely need to have a pickup truck that is classified to handle the tongue weight and the total weight of your trailer. in addition to that, if you just pull your trailer several times in a year, it is okay to select a pickup truck with a tow rate just above the weight of your trailer. Furthermore, if you regularly tow, it can be a better idea to choose a truck that has greater ratings. 

 Light Versus Heavy Duty Trucks 

Most of the light duty trucks offer big towing capabilities in excess of ten thousand pounds however, the drivers with large trailers such as gooseneck horse trailers or fifth-wheel campers can be better off with the heavy duty pickup trucks. Again, the frequency of use is always a consideration. You do not like to speculate thousands more just for huge trucks such as the GMC HD or the Ford F-350, you are only using every now and then.  

If you are planning to tow a light-utility trailer or a personal watercraft, you might not even be needing the full-size truck. You may consider using a small truck such as a Frontier or a Tacoma, if you are just towing a lighter trailer. 

Diesel Versus Gas 

Basically, diesel-powered trucks are better for towing. In fact, it gives more of low-end torque in order to keep you moving forward and achieve better effectivity at a faster rate. Diesel-motor are most probably limited only to heavy-duty pickup trucks. One acceptable exception is Dodge RAM 1500 EcoDiesel which is a full-sized light duty pickup truck with a diesel V6 engine. The General Motors says that they will certainly offer you diesel options in the mid-sized truck such as the Chevrolet Colorado, however, only gas engines will actually be ready when they first released to the market. 

Aside from that, the diesel engines also usually add thousands to the retail prices. As a matter of fact, they can pull trailers more and sometimes, can meet better fuel economy however, if you will occasionally be towing something, it may only be not worth it. 

Lastly, it’s very important that you only hire a professional Virginia Beach towing company because they have the right tools, equipment and heavy-duty tow truck, which means they can be able to assist you right away whenever you need a professional and truly dependable towing service or roadside assistance.  

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